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Corrosion Treatment and Painting Systems

Steel roof sheeting and cladding requires maintenance to extend their effective life span. A common problem associated with steel roofing and cladding materials is the delamination of the protective colour coating and corrosion of the steel substrate.

Corrosion often starts at the exposed cut edges of the sheeting at the eaves of the roof and where sheet ends overlap. If left untreated the corrosion will progress and may result in structural failure of the sheeting.

Alto Roofing & Cladding specify approved systems that have been specifically developed to treat cut edge corrosion and significantly extend the life of the sheeting material.

Delaminating or faded cladding can also be unsightly and project a negative image for businesses. A simple answer can be to repaint the cladding with specialist approved paint systems, transforming the cladding and creating a clean company appearance. Specific colours can also be chosen to correspond with a corporate image.

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