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Gutter Lining & Replacement


Defective gutters are often a cause of leaks within buildings due to corrosion and general breakdown of the gutter joints. By nature, a gutter leak can be the most destructive due to the large quantity of water run off from adjacent roof slopes. This can result in costly production disruption, loss of stock and damage to the interior of a building.

It is essential that particular attention is paid to the maintenance and refurbishment of gutters to insure against this potential costly disruption. All too often gutters are neglected until a major problem has occurred which could have been avoided.

After installation of
Unifold System

Alto Roofing & Cladding provides effective long term solutions for gutters which include the Unifold system. This system is an industry proven engineered lining specifically designed for the refurbishment sector. It is rigid in use and as the name suggests, is able to fold, using system hinges, allowing access to the gutter cavity and then re-open, to maximise the available space within. It has an exceptional life span, well in excess of 30 years and is guaranteed for a period of 20 years.




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