Single Ply Membrane Swindon - Alto Roofing & Cladding
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Single Ply Membrane Overlay System to Swindon Factory

Single Ply Membranes

Single ply membrane for a business in Swindon

Single ply membrane provided our client in Swindon a leak free roof that requires minimal maintenance.


This 6,000 sq.metre flat roof was a major problem for our client’s high tech manufacturing facility. The roof had seen a long history of patch repairs to try and eliminate countless leaks that caused disruption to manufacturing and health and safety problems.


This project came with some real challenges which we faced head-on. The roof had hundreds of vents and pipe penetrations and our clients programme required the work to be undertaken during the winter.


After our consultation period with the client our chosen system was to overlay the failing felt roof with a fleece backed PVC single ply membrane system. The new membrane was fully bonded and hot air welded with careful detailing to each of the 220no. vent penetrations and roof perimeter. The result is a strong, homogeneously detailed, UV resistant, completely leak free roof that requires minimal maintenance and guaranteed for 20 years, much to the delight of our client.

If you have any enquiries or would like further information about industrial single ply membrane installation throughout Swindon and the South of England, please get in touch.