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Solar PV Installation

Solar PV installation allows businesses to take control of their own electricity supply and provide reliable, low-priced electricity to use on-site.


With rising energy costs, there are significant benefits for businesses large and small to invest in solar energy. Many commercial organisations have already realised the huge potential income stream and energy cost savings from solar energy. By simply utilising the existing roof space on your business premises or by combining a solar PV installation with your roof refurbishment project, you can start generating solar energy.


  • It is important to ensure your existing roof covering is in a suitable condition to last at least 25 years when installing a new solar PV system, as the removal of solar panels to identify and repair leaks through an ageing roof can be a costly process. We can assess the condition of you roof, explain the options and provide a detailed specification and estimate to refurbish your roof to make it solar ready.
  • We deliver turnkey projects to combine our roof refurbishment options with the installation of a MCS certified PV solar system, saving potentially thousands on scaffold erection, plant and management costs.
  • The free and green energy that solar panels generate during daylight hours will lower your business energy demand from the grid with the potential to save your business thousands of pounds on energy bills. Any surplus energy that is not used can be sold back to the grid.
  • Generating your own electricity using solar energy will significantly reduce your company’s carbon footprint, improving sustainability credentials and most importantly, it will help the environment.

If you have any enquiries or would like further information on the range of industrial roofing services we provide, please get in touch.

Solar PV Installation